The electronic digital thermometer for high temperature industrial boilers is suitable for long-distance production process and various warehouses and refrigerators, single point, multi-point and temperature measurement. Compared with ordinary thermometers, pressure thermometers and bimetallic thermometers, it has the characteristics of high accuracy, clear display, intuitive reading, convenient installation and long service life.

Technical data

WMZ-200 and DTM-280

Display mode: three-and-a-half 0.5 (0.8) inch LED digital display portable three-and-a-half LCD display.

Temperature measurement range: - 50 ~+200 C

Working environment: temperature LED 10-60 C LCD 0-40 C

Precision: +1.0%

Resolution: 1 C

Outward Size: 150x40mm

Power consumption: AC220V 50HZ

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Electronic Digital Display Thermometer for High Temperature Industrial Boiler