HQ-LC oval gear flow meter is an anti-corrosion flow meter developed by our company according to market needs. The product is novel in design and reasonable in structure. With light weight and high precision, it can be widely used in the flow measurement of petroleum, chemical, medical and health departments.

◊ High measurement accuracy, wide flow range, and good repeatability

◊ Spiral rotor rotates evenly, with low vibration and long life

◊ Not sensitive to the viscosity change of the liquid to be tested, especially suitable for the measurement of liquid with

    higher viscosity

◊ Simple structure, small size and light weight

◊ Easy to install, no straight pipe section is required in front of the table

Technology parameter:

◊ Component material and pressure (use pressure 1.0MPa 1.6MPa)

◊ Accuracy level: 0.5, 0.2 (general medium temperature -10 ° C ~ +60 ° C)

◊ Remote transmission shows the explosion-proof level of the site: Exia II CT5

Use medium temperature: -20 °C ~ 100 °C, in the case of high temperature adjustment plus heat sink, up to 200 °C, at this time the larger flow rate in the flow range is 90% of the original flow meter large flow, the minimum flow is the original flow meter minimum 120% of the traffic.

Ordinary cast iron type (A), cast steel type (E), stainless steel type (B)


Q: How long will you give me the reply?
A: We will contact you in 6 hours as soon as we can.

Q: Could I visit your factory?
A: Sincerely invite you to visit our factory, Our factory is in Huaian, Jiangsu.

Q: Do you provide samples?
A: Yes, we have materials in stock to help you get the samples ASAP.

Q: How about the quality of the managements?
A: We have a complete quality control system, all of our products will be fully pre-inspection by QC departments before shipping to you. We have the certification of ISO, CE, SIL. We could send the certification test of our company to you.

Q: What is your terms of payment?
A: We can accept T/T, West union, Credit Assurance.

Q: What is the warranty for your product?
A: Warranty 2years, Lifetime maintenance.

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Remote type oval gear flowmeter