The micro-small oil flow meter is suitable for all types of small cars, and is also used for oil extraction measurement under the high-position fuel tank (the liquid level is higher than the flow meter 50 cm to work normally). Various vehicles with a certain space above or beside the fuel tank, such as various types of freight cars, construction vehicles, tractors, etc.


Data and instruction


1. Use scope

Various models of cars are also used to install oil gauges under the high tank (the liquid level is higher than the flow meter 50cm to work properly). Various vehicles with a certain space above or beside the fuel tank, such as various types of freight cars, construction vehicles, tractors, etc.


2. Working principle

After the oil gun is inserted into the flow meter, the oil pressure difference from the oil gun is used to drive the piston inside the flow meter to rotate, and the rotation of the piston completes the correct metering on the one hand, and drives the magnetic steel component on the other hand. The magnetic steel assembly drives the counter display. The counter has two groups of synchronous display, wherein the 7-digit group completes the 7-bit word wheel and then automatically resets and starts again. The four-digit group can be manually reset at any time, and the counter does not enter oil and rain.


3. Small flow oil flow meter notes


a. When installing the flow meter, the inlet of the flow meter should not be lower than the tank port.

b. When the original fuel tank cap is removed, it is not used, and the rubber cover provided by the factory is replaced. The rubber cover is wrapped around the bottom of the rubber cover and clamped by the clamp. There is a small hole in the middle of the rubber cover. It is used for gas supply when refueling. Do not plug it when refueling.

cBetween the flow outlet of the flow meter and the tank port, it can be connected by plastic pipe. If the factory configuration is not long enough, the user can buy it at the local store or use the tap water pipe. The two-head clip screws must be tightened. If the intermediate plastic pipe is long, there should be a fixed shelf in the middle to prevent the car from vibrating and falling for a long time.

dWhen refueling, remind the staff to insert the oil gun a little to avoid oil spillage.

e. The flow meter should be installed away from open flames, and it is safe and easy to refuel.

f. Need to inform your fuel tank mouth when ordering, how many centimeters in diameter? In order to match you with a suitable fuel tank cap.


4. Material

Except for the counter engineering plastics, the rest are all copper. The pipe is Φ25MM tap water pipe parts (user-purchased). If it is installed in the area where the temperature is not high, it is allowed to use aluminum plastic pipe connection. When it is shipped from the factory, it is attached with one oil port and one oil outlet (fuel tank cap). 8 fixtures, sales agents, etc.


5. Installation

Fix the flow meter in the place that you think you want to install. It is usually installed in a certain place beside the cab or fuel tank. It is required to view the easy and safe place. The flow meter arrow is installed in the reverse direction to install the oil inlet. Otherwise, the oil is installed. The pipe between the oil inlet and the oil outlet can be bent or extended to be arbitrarily shortened, but in any case, all pipes, flow meters and oil outlets must not be higher than the oil inlet, so as to prevent the oil from overflowing. When the oil outlet is installed, the crude oil tank cover is not used. The rubber cover of the oil outlet of the factory is used to peel off the oil tank mouth. After being wrapped, the clamp is clamped. In order to flow out the air in the fuel tank when refueling, There is a small hole in the middle of the rubber cover. Please do not block when refueling.


6. Characteristics

a. The flow meter has no adjustment function, and the measurement accuracy and measurement data are correct and safe.

b. The flow meter has the function of automatically catering to the flow size, and will not affect the measurement accuracy due to the flow rate.

c. If the hard impurities block the piston liquid path, open the bottom case, take out the piston, and reassemble after cleaning, which has little effect on the measurement accuracy.

d. The liquid level is higher than the flow meter by 50 cm, and the flow meter can work normally.


7. Display mode

The flow meter has two sets of dials displayed at the same time. The four-digit set can be manually returned to zero at any time. The 7-digit set can not be reset to zero. After the 7-digit number is completed, it will automatically return to zero. The rightmost black character Take one grid for 1 liter, 10 decimal.



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