Technical characteristics

This product adopts advanced digital technology, which possesses many advanced performances that traditional analog instruments do not possess. It has excellent performance in suppressing high and low frequency interference signals. It can be reliably applied even in high power frequency conversion control system. At the same time, the application of digital technology thoroughly overcomes the disadvantage of poor linearity of traditional temperature transmitter, and the number is used internally. Many advanced technologies, such as character adjustment, zero-free and full-degree potentiometer, automatic dynamic calibration zero point, automatic compensation for temperature drift, etc., meet the requirements of anti-electromagnetic interference for products in the fourth category (harsh industrial field) environment stipulated in IEC 61000-4:1995. The application of these technologies ensures the stability and reliability of products scientifically.

The above technologies are superior to the advanced international standards.


It can be used in combination with unit instrumentation, DCS, PLC and other systems. It is widely used in oil field, petrochemical, manufacturing, electric power, metallurgy and other major projects.

technical parameter

Accuracy of system transmission: +0.2%*F.S

Temperature drift: <0.0015%F.S/C

Cold-end temperature compensation accuracy: +0.1% allowable lead resistance when measuring thermal resistance: <50

Working Temperature: Industrial Standard - 10 ~+55 Temperature

Current output permits external load impedance: 0-500_at 4-20 mA output; 0-1 K at 0-10 mA output requires greater load capacity. Please specify when ordering.

Electromagnetic Compatibility: It meets the requirements of anti-EMI for products in the fourth category (harsh industrial field) environment stipulated in IEC 61000-4-4:1995.

Input/Output/Power/Communication/Intercircuit Insulation Strength: >

Storage and transportation ambient temperature: - 40 ~+80 Temperature

Relative humidity: 10-90% RH (40 C)

Power supply: AC 95-265V

DC: DC12V~32V (reverse connection protection)

Input power: 0.9-1.8W (for model, see the method of calculating input power in Appendix of this manual)

Communication interface: RS232 or RS485, MODBUS software protocol (optional).

Shape size: width * height * depth: 22.5 * 100 * 115mm

Net weight: 140 g +20 G

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Universal Intelligent Temperature Transmitter